QA7_31 Policy
Family Account Management

For families to gain a clear understanding of the service fee structure.
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QA7_31.1 Procedure
Family Account Refund

Our Service aims to provide sound financial practices for all account management processes including when a family ends care.
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Family Payment Plan

This payment plan is an agreement between the Service Manager and Family that the outstanding fees will be paid.
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End of Care Checklist

Story House Early Learning would like to thank you and your family for spending time at our Service.
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Family Account Refund Request

This form aligns with the Family Account Management Policy and must be sent with the Family Account.
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QA7_32 Policy

Our service aims to ensure all legal and financial requirements are implemented and recognised.
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QA7_32.1 Procedure
Educational Leader

This roles influential in inspiring, motivating, affirming, challenging or extending
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Consent to be the Educational Leader

Under the regulations, the Approved Provider is required to appoint an educational leader
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QA7_32.2 Procedure
Governance and Leadership

Our Service aims to ensure all legal and financial requirements are implemented and recognised.
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QA7_32.2 Procedure
Policy and Procedure Review

As a part of our commitment to the NQF, our service will annually review our policies and procedures to ensure excellence and compliance.
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New Staff Member Induction Checklist

Orientation for new employees will be conducted by the Service Manager or the Business Operations Manager.
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QA7_32.4 Procedure
Record Keeping and Retention

We aim to maintain and manage appropriate records in a private and confidential manner.
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QA7_32.5 Procedure
Staff Professional Development

Professional development allows individuals to build and improve their knowledge and skills within the early childhood industry.
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Educator Appraisal

Appraisal should be linked to the educators position description, role and responsibilities.
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Staff Professional Development Register

This register is used to record all professional development provided to the staffing team.
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QA7_33 Policy
Privacy and Confidentiality

To preserve private and confidential files of the children, families, staff and visitors using the service.
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QA7_33.1 Procedure
Privacy and Confidentiality

We aim to protect the privacy and confidentiality by ensuring continuous improvement on our current systems use.
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QA7_34 Policy
Tobacco, Alcohol and Drug

To provide a tobacco-free, alcohol-free and drug-free workplace to ensure the health, wellbeing and professionalism of all.
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QA7_35 Policy
Arrangement with Organisation

To ensure an appropriate contractual agreement is in place for all external organisations.
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QA7_35.1 Policy
Third Party Payment Agreement on Behalf of Account Holder

Form agreement with an organisation paying the fees for a child attending the service
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